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Little Wing


Price: $24,500
Brand: Catalina
Type: Sailboat
Year: 1993
Length: 30 ft.


Little Wing

Little Wing is a perfect example of why this vessel is one of the most popular sailboats ever produced. With a spacious interior for comfort and the sailing performance on the water, she is a vessel that both new and experience sailors must come and see. Little Wing has the perfect amount of control lines and amenities while not being too much for the newer sailor. A well love and well taken care of Catalina 30 Tall rig version located in Port Clinton, Ohio. 

With more than 6000 sold, the Catalina 30 is one of the most successful production sailing yachts in history.

During the long production run of this basic model there were a great number of variations with standard and tall rig configurations, each with a bowsprit option, and also including shoal, wing and deep fin keels.
A MK II version began around hull# 3300 (1986).(T-shaped cockpit is the most notable change)
The Mark III (1994) (walk-thru transom with boarding/swim platform standard though offered as an option on earlier models.)
Aux. power:
The early Yanmar, Universal 5411 and Atomic-4 engines were phased out in favor of the 3-cylinder Universal M-25 diesels during the middle 80s.

SHOAL DRAFT (WING): 3.83'/1.17m

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For Hank Boissoneault, Sailing is truly a family affair. Introduced to sailing by big brother Bryan, sailing has become a family hobby since 1970. Growing up in Sandusky, Ohio The Interlake was the natural choice for the racing sailor designed by Francis Sweisguth in 1932.  The boat design was commissioned by the Sandusky Sailing Club and is home to Fleet #1. Hank served as class president, class champion and has participated in Interlake events since the late 1970’s.  

 Hank also participated in the ILYA junior regatta circuit and once competed in the Bemis regatta for Lasers in San Francisco Bay. Moving on to college, Hank competed on the college circuit sailing for the University of Toledo. Through the years sailing has become the basis to many of my personal friends and associates to this day. 

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