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J/Boats: Sailing to Success

The story of J/Boats is a classic entrepreneurial tale: With a $20,000 investment, and a speedy 24-foot sailboat that Rod Johnstone built in his garage, Rod & his brother Bob Johnstone went into business. That was 1977. Now, that boat (the J/24), has become the most popular recreational offshore keelboat in the world. The Johnstone family has made an undeniable mark on the sailing world. 

While other manufacturers may sell more boats, the Johnstones have won the high-end, performance-oriented segment of the market. Theirs is the so-called racer/cruiser category: boats that perform well on the race course but which are comfortable and easy enough for the family to daysail and cruise. It is with knowledgeable, experienced sailors that the Johnstones have done best.

RCR Yachts has been a dealer of J/boats since 1977...from their very beginning

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The 40' performance cruising & racing standard

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A 40’ Offshore Speedster with Less Crew

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Sport Cruising and Family Sailing in a 36' Yacht

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A Fast 36' One-Design with Comfy Cockpit & Speed to Burn

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J/Boats - J/99

J/99 Short-handed Offshore Speedster

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J/Boats - J/97E

Dual Purpose Fun

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J/Boats - J/95

Experience the Ultimate in Sailing Freedom - Less Draft

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J/Boats - J/88

29' Family Speedster

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J/Boats - J/80

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J/Boats - J/70

Fastest Growing One Design Class